werewolf my foot pushes with the same increasing pressure of the radio's tempo on the gas pedal.

i catch a glinting of sun
as on a nearby high school's track,
a sprinter puts his head up,
and finalizes his momentum.

everywhere we are leaving some behind and chasing others.
i cannot stop, not even for myself.
jane things keep going faster and faster but sometimes i think theyre slowing down i cant really tell because its not my foot thats on that pedal its not anyone the pedal is just doin it by himself i have no choice but to let him speed himself up in the late hours of the night which are also the early hours of the morning we make the decision to be with each other instead of sleep but end up sleeping in each others arms anyway and wake up next to us and shiver because damn its freezing and try to get closer to retain warmth but there is no closer because the space between us is infinite 021224
jane i drove home early in the morning and the cigarette drove the car 021224
werewolf there is no space between us, there is no space within, all that remains is the quickening pull of the atoms of air which connected us like billiard balls toggled on. oh if there were only space, i'd be free, i could see you clearly, i could see me clearly, instead of the constant surprise, always too late, i feel when i find you in my arms. the short stops before the ride begins again. my hands always a beat ahead of my soul, even when i try to reach out desperately for the roots within me that blossomed into you. it makes me very wary driving home. i see the implications. i speed along, i think my eyes see it all, but somewhere ahead a truck loses control of its trailer, a car careems over the barricade, the road's traction is blanketed in gossamer ice. we know there is sweetness and horror waiting for us, but we never know the details. we feel ourselves speed up slow down, but know not in relation to what untill it is upon us. you are there now, but i still cannot stop this pushing. i am carried by something. i cannot call it my will when it feels so helpless, so furious, so foregone. my only hope is in this poem. is if you'll meet me, answer this question which will drive me forever if it is not answered. 021225
jane how can one answer no question
acceleration is the key to getting away from something, going faster, faster, until your acceleration exceeds not only the speed limit but also their acceleration, and you are free because they cannot catch you. trust me, you are free. believe in it, you are free. now that you have the attention you required, what is it that you wanted to say? can you even remember where things started, where you thought things would go? that's all gone now, gone because you drove away fast. and you're going to have to make a decision fast; there's a fork in the road
werewolf can't we linger awhile? if i'm strong enough for the crash? 021225
jane i'm not so sure you are 021228
jane but if you are, be my guest 021228
werewolf you're trying to protect yourself. you're the one i'm worried about, whether i ever hold you or not. 021229
jane i have to protect myself; no one else is going to do it, right? all i have left is this wall; if it falls, i have nothing. 021229
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