poetic_onslaught ok i know there's such thing as abstract art but could there be such a thing as abstract writing? i looked on the internet and couldnt find such thing. and by abstract in writing i dont mean summary, because i know abstract is also another word for summary in writing. in abstract art, the artist draws what he feels right? the picture that he draws has no familiar pictures. its only textures, colors, perception...etc. ive heard of musuems that didnt feature abstract art because they figured it was a bunch of nonsense. there's a whole lot of people that still have no idea what abstract art is supposed to be so lots of people pay it no mind. if u ask someone who likes abstract art, why they like it, then 9 times out of 10 they will say that it just speaks to them. which brings me to my point. blather is bunches of words strewn together in a twisty tangly web of pontification, insight, and...abstract writing? if you write what u feel, without actually getting specific with words...wouldnt it b abstract writing? just like abstract art would also be pontification, insight, and "nonsensical" delight. thats why it would b "nonsensical" delight right? because the words seem to make no sense but they touch or speak to u in some sort of an obscure manner. maybe thats why some people love blather so much. blather might have stumbled on some different kind of art (abstract writing) and just dont realize it...just like some people dont understand abstract art. oh and also im not refering to what blather has become, im refering to what blather was when it was all single words and people just wrote about how they felt about these words. which would also explain why blather is what it is today, because people didnt really see the point or understand how blather was. if blather would have wrote...strewn together in a web of pontification, insight, and abstract writing then it would probably remain the same, if they knew and explained abstract writing. i really wanna hear what yall think about this so please respond. 020425
Dafremen There is such a thing. It is all around here. I've written some myself. Noone appreciates it cuz they're too busy being literary snobs and uptight socio-centric samaritans to agree that certain as-yet-unaccepted forms of expression are in fact LEGITIMATE expression. Tough nuts. Prepare to be bored or amazed.

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(Perhaps now you'll understand why it is as-yet-unaccepted. Not every uncommon idea is uncommonly good. Some aren't even mediocre.)
DannyH Blather is not a genre, it is a formal architecture. To say all Blather is abstract would be like saying all painting is abstract. Some paintings are abstract, as are some blathers, but some are not. To extend your analogy further, Blather is more like a new kind of gallery than a new kind of art. I think also you may be mixing up Abstract Expressionism with Abstract art in general. Artists like Mondrian did not simply try to paint what they felt. Their approach was much more systematic and cognitive than that. 020425
poetic_onslaught hmmm. im not sure if i was talking about the same thing u wrote dafreman...although that would probably make more sense. i was talking about using actual words. i actually was somewhat intrigues. danny, i never said that all of blather was abstract. also why wouldnt blather b a genre? isnt poetry and creative writing some form of genre? blather contains a lot of that. again im not saying that all of blather is this way. i think u might have answered my question though. it must b abstract expresionism that i was thinking of. i have never heard of it till now and i looked it up. 020425
DannyH Poetry and creative writing are forms. Detective fiction and imagist poetry are genres. It might seem picky but I think the distinction matters. If you look at something like the graphic novel which is trying to establish itself as a true form with a variety of thematic possibilities, you have to be able to perceive a distinction between the graphic novel as a form and the superhero comic as a genre. Genres are intentionally limited and there are good reasons for them to be, but forms are and should be seen as limited only by their formal architecture. Eg the formal architecture of a painting is at least in part that it must be executed in paint, not that it must be of or about something comprehensible. 020425
Dafremen see also: SHOE_MOOCHER 020504
Toxic_Kisses Every once in a while when I was in school I'd be tested for weather or not I still needed help BC of my ADD and dyslexia (SP?) any how last time I was tested I got an above collage score when it came to abstract thought ^.^ 020510
I was alone. I wish need really, can not stop from telling you to how incredibly happy , extatic and just completely overwhemld by the sensation of having had found you people, you group that shares this same paterns of thouth and this sistematic and logical system that is the brain, are conscious of it and feel somewhat diferent form the vast majority of the people. and so alone. i am suddenly happy ,so happy, really almost crying , becouse i have finally found you who share with me something special. I do not know what it is, but i know, I just know.
abstract thoughts behind an emotion.
I wnat totalk to people like this but in person, this is too slow, i want to feel strong an with this finding i feel so strong. my most sincere thanks to those who make it possible.
andru235 it takes abstract thinking to understand abstract winking 050823
unhinged is a sign of mental_illness 050823
z in time we haven the riotous disease of idea design into the soup of love; within floats ecstasy and the grace of no boundary until we edge ourselves and the limit of what is know intrudes, ending and stops. 060227
marked . 060228
meta prolly needs one of these, too..
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