bethany that was a dream
but which was the dream
when my eyes were closed and dreaming i still woke up jolted, lost and scared
when my eyes were really open my dreams shut down
then i thought i was dreaming
pinch me
i have come to the conclusion
that without a shocking reassurance
the only way i can tell if my eyes are open or closed is if my mouth tastes bad
is if theres a wet space heater inside
is if its biting me, reassuring that it said what i thought it said
silentbob I finally saw Abre Los Ojos like a few months ago, and dare i say, it was the exact same movie as vanilla sky. like shot for shot was the same, it was very much like it.

I thought that if someone was going to make an American version of a movie they would have made some changes, and there were some changes, such as... it was in English... and... it had a Cameron Crowe soundtrack... and different actors... and vanilla_sky focused more on The Seven Dwarves... but pretty much, Cameron Crowe found locations that were very similar to how it looked in Abre Los Ojos, but had more money to make a better-looking movie.

So it seems when people say Abre Los Ojos was the better movie, they're probably just doing it because they have some personal vendatta against Tom Cruise because he is famous and attractive, or they like to make themselves seem interesting by saying they prefer the foreign version of the same movie. Regardless of who made it first

*ducks down*
not important Try whispering "abre los ojos" in a friend's ear sometime when you find them asleep. If they have seen the movie it will really freak them out. If they haven't, and they don't know spanish, it will freak them out even more. My poor roommate... 030801
unhinged john_and_i

unhinged my cousin's second baby is half puerto rican. she's at the age where all she does is eat, shit, and sleep. the first time i met her, she was sleeping.

i knelt over her carrier and whispered
'abre los ojos cici, abre los ojos'
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