Aaron probe my mind, abducted from time, live my life, love a lie, to be born again, never die. killing me killing you... in the clubs they call me blue... i'm the one that got away... and you know i would never stray. call on me any time... if i love you.. your soul and mine. A B D U C T E D

you should see the holes in my mind, missing loops and bits of time. keep going forward to go back... now the program, a realy good hack. hack your brain drive you insain.. slow is how it goes, lose your mind to find something devine. speed of light, fucking up the night, holding on to your mind, the invasion of time.. abducted.

can you see the end of this tunnel my friend? well i'll tell you how it ends..... abducted. no escape, it's all on the tape.. you've been abducted. *knocking on the window* sir, would you mind stepping out of your K hole... jungle live, keep it real, you ain't dead, that's just the other side.
nemo k holes are scary, ive been stuck in way too many 011111
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