Divine Madnesss The aardvark . . . who knows? Is it really, truly, the first animal on the list when all animals are listed by vernacular name in alphabetical order? I wake up wondering every day, and my psychologist says that it's because I need a new prescription. 000105
Bell R Possibly if only mammals are included.
certainly it is possible that there is a sub species of living organism that exists and has been name for the sole purpose of dethroning the mighty aardvark from its lofty haven as the first animal.
chanaka i wonder what it would be like to kiss an aardvark. they have long tongues. hmmmm.......i wonder if i know anyone who has a tongue that long. 010117
animal it starts with an A, it ends with a K
it's an A-A-R-D-V-A-R-K
owko hehe my first random word and i get aardvark. not much to say except hello trish :) not that she'll ever read this. 010510
Miner Just in case she does though owko I think I will add

HHHHHOooooooooooooollllllaaaaaaaaa BBBBUuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Ok entirely not at all in any possible way connected to the word aardvark without knowing Trish and various pet names for her (no pun intended... although it could of been worse)

As for aardvarks, I was actually unlucky enough to be killed by one while talking to owko one lunchtime... how sad.
aaaaardy Some words just stand alone. 011209
Toxic_Kisses Mmmm I wish I knew some one who had an Aardvark tongue. (Like for instance my guy)
Anyhow why IZ aardvark spelt w/ two A's @ the beginning?? Wouldn’t one do just as well?
redwilly The aardvark. Is it Afrikaans? 040918
DannyH There's a small Bolivian rat/monkey known as the aambis whose plumage is such a deep shade of blue it can shatter treacle. I believe the aambis lays claim to being the first animal in the dictionary, unless anyone else knows better... 050529
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