h|s|g fuck_this_apartment

spent an hour using

1) what's left of the hot water to make a bath
2-5) *4 heating water on the stove
6)*4 adding hot water from the coffee pot




still water heating on the stove

focus_goddamnit blood_circulation silicon_and_magnesium sleep anabolic a rainbow of nutrition. water_rest_and_love antiinflammatories cayenne_my_favorite_vasodilator

lg sending_healing_thoughts

hope you feel better sooner rather than later
unhinged oh my goodness

broken_ribs eek!!!!!!

not sure what's worse:

the_little_radiator_that_could losing her engine
or no hot_water for baths
unhinged if you are concerned about your kidneys and liver from the anti_inflammatories make ginger root tea instead.

take a 2 in piece of ginger, peel and slice thinly, add to 2 c of boiling water and then reduce heat and simmer for at least 20 min to activate the anti_inflammatory compounds in the root.

strain and add honey or raw sugar to taste.

one caveat: don't drink too late at night otherwise you'll be up til 4am.

in ayurvedic medicine they say to drink ginger tea at lunch to help the digestive system
h|s|g thanks and yeah i'm a fan of the ginger. 110115
his sig byy a.i.f i mean tumeric, ginger, cayenne. none that lab bullshit. 110214
h|s|g fine_fucker you half_sized cylindrical piece of.. you didn't think I'd find out, did you? You didn't know I'd drag a friend into this. But after said friend came over and we removed your kept_in_place_by_rocks sheet_metal cover, turns_out you have no temperature_adjustment_dial

I will work you harder. Don't think you get off that easily.

1) Foresee the desire to relax in bathtub at least one hour ahead of time along with having the means to semi-fill the tub.

2) Fill tub until it runs out of hot water.

3) continue_cursing_at_it (this seems to help).

4) become_fluent_in_french

5) Return to tub to see if there is more hot water. if_yes* get in (you're_already_naked you're_always_naked.) if_no repeat_step_three in French, go on to step 6

6) Foresee step four having to be repeated. Peruse various languages for ones which have interesting curse words such as German's das_schwein! If that doesn't work try Du scheißt mich an! Germans are great engineers. It's gotta work.

7) Return to tub to see if there is more hot water. if_yes* get in. if_no repeat_step_three in German.

*remember to look at timer which I so anally set to find out how much time it takes water heater to get in the mood again.

Du scheißt mich an!
h|s|g try_reading_it_love_poems

Look into my eyes
Baby we can't you see
Can't you see you mean a lot to me
I am the color in your hair
I am the perfume that you wear
I kiss the ground you walk upon
Protect your eyes against the sun
shpaaaaaaaaaaaa shpaaaaaaaaaaaa 110228
what's it to you?
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