nom to start with 031020
Death of a Rose friction 031021
pipedream there is no fire. 031021
pipedream only smoke, and smoke dissipates...leaves behind only a musty smell in your hair, and one can wash that out. 031021
birdmad smell of ozone in the shower of of brightly burning flecks

union of matter and energy

volatile drama of metal on quckly spinning stone

paper_heart for kindling
pipedream "paper heart for kindling", very nice 031022
nomatter he pushed the hair back from my eyes
commented on how soft it was
i wanted to pounce on him right there
with all the peering eyes
burning through the attraction
johnny and it will keep on burning
when will the fire just die
super monkey robot team hyperforce go! a fire that isn't a fire yet. something that hasn't realized its potential but has realized that it has potential. i am a spark. 050627
realistic optimist a holy_spark 050627
Lemon_Soda A spark of something, thats how it happened. Turned into this huge flaming passionate sex ploy(yes ploy) with choreography and everything...hot damn...

okay, so anyway...

This past Sunday I woke up around noonish to the opening music of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, which is a really pleasent thing to wake up to, and there Iwas, sprawled sideways on the couch in the living room, half naked and nursing a *JUST* recovered body of a weird flu thing that felt like ice cold snot between me and my skin coupled with a hang over. I right myself and me and CCC(cuban thug) decide to go over to P's(iron hippy, burnette mid hi) place because we missed her birthday party (i was sick) the night before and also 'cause I was gonna get some free chicken noodle soup that she said she'd bring me but didn't. We show up and A1(short burnette) is there and Die(Native A with blonded hair) is there and some guy I don't know but thas cool and they start tellin us what a good time they had and how they have an insane amount of alchohol left over. Everyone(except me: two months clean, yay!)starts rolling blunts and loading pipes and the concensus is to go en masse over to N(polar bear of baachus) and J's(short red head) trailor and take over the pool. Not wanting to just crash and take, I stop by the local market and drop 30 for food stuff(italian sausage and turkey burgers) and we head over. We show up without guy I didn't know(he had to run) and the ratio was pretty good(3 guys 4 girls) so we all hopped in and started to splash and play like the little kids we wish we still were. Then P's mom shows up and drops off P's daughter for some fun in the sun. We all took turns, sometimes double teaming, with playing around with her in the pool. Me and O(thas the child, about 3 yr old)'s favorite game was she would splash me and I would dunk myself. We did that for about an hour :). T showed up(Nordicmanmeatsexywolfgrrrrr....tall) and then A2(tall blond) showed up, who is a coworker of J's. We drank and it got darker and we decided we didn't have nearly enough food or alchohol so me and T go to the store and I drop another 75(good lord) and we have this great discussion about which vodka to get but we hurried a pick on something "freeze distilled" because we had spent an hour just talking about that and head back. We get there and Ty(nieghbor, cute in bumbling detective kind of way)is there and N has broken out the beads and this shit just starts to escalate. It goes from Boob shots to lap dances(I got to give one to T...Yay!) and pretty soon everyone is so worked up the whole party has to go outside for a cig. because there's something we all want to do but don't trust that everyone else wants to do it too. I sit down on this white plastic couchlawnfurniture thing and Die sits on one side and A2 sits on the other and Ty sits on my lap and P is doin a hip swivel thing infront of nate and A1 is on CCC's lap and somebody(female) says "WOuld anyone go get me some cigs for head?" and three hands shot up(not mine. I don't do things for head.) and one at a time couples start filtering into the trailor. Fast forward I go inside to go to the bathroom and open the door to see CCC going at P from behind and shes got her hands up on the mirror and hes pulling her hair back and their making such beautiful noise that I just lean against the doorframe and watch until they realise I'm there and start to stop and I say "Keep going." nothing more, and they do. Die comes back thinkin' what I was thinkin before I dropped in on this but she sees whats up and settles back into my arms and we both just watch, grinning, and cuddling and thinking about carebears. People start migrating in after about 5 minutes of appreciation and so we(me and Die) leave those two with the door closed and rejoin the party. We go back to the living room and that spark I mentioned has caught something on fire because the femals have inexplicably become drawn to eachother over a bead war and the guys are just sitting back and enjoying(cept me; this is when I took advantage and gave T the lap dance). Then the chicas turned themselves loose and the most random order of hugs, flashes, lapdances, butt squeezes, minor make outs, and groin gropings I've seen in a while merry go rounded its way all around the living and kitchen. Time took some people away during this, cutting us down to only about half: N, J, CCC, A2, P, and Me. This contingent went to back bedroom, got naked, and pretty soon it was CCC being womanhandled by A2 and J with N and Me sitting on the side admiring the scene and calling it like a proffessional sport.

Me: This is *Me* and *N* here for the first national one on two match of the big five tourney. N, glad to be here, as I'm sure are our contestants.

N: Oh, absolutely *Me*. I've been excited about this match up for quite some time. What I love about this level of play is the enthusiasm these proffessionals seem to be able to show after all these years in the sport.

Me: I couldn't agree with you more, N. They all have a wide variety of skills, each one fitted perfectly to their,um, position.

etc, etc,etc,

It was damn funny. So CCC gets some attention and then P comes in and the girls decide to do a daisy chain and the guys sit back and admire for a bit and then it comes down to pairing off while still giving attention to atleast one other individual. We all did this spendidly. Anyone who has been in this situation will have some idea of how things we're arranged and how that arrangement flowed into the next and the next one and soon. Eventually, though, people get tired and it comes down to me and P and my chest STILL hurts and has scabbed tiger claws that need to be cleaned. There was biting and howling and switching and hair pulling and claws and pounding andandnanadnandndnnn.....gaaaahhhh...it was good. Then everyone slowly wound down and fell asleep leaving me alone, the one who had to get up the earliest the last one asleep. I hung out and chit chatted with J about how cool I thought her place was and how much fun it was to come over and play and she said she loved having me over and then her and N went back to their bedroom and I was left alone to wait for Ow(one of my best friends who was visiting his parents at the time) and we talked over a cig. and passed out on his bed(sex aside, male or female, not one of my freinds, homophobic or not, hasn't slept next to me). He had been dissapointed to have missed it, but theres always next time.

And there will be a next time, because a spark like that isn't so easy to extinguish. I can feel in my chest a little quiet tickle that tells me just about everyone involved is thinking about it in some way, right now, and that spark is lighting a bloom of heat and sweat and passion that is as thick as the muggy air we've been having. How many of us are casually reaching down, at the office, in the shop, up on a roof, or sitting at home, and giving our groins a firm but subtle push?
. . 050628
akuma aoi sounds like some fantastically blurred edges, LS, good show.

brings back a few (admittedly slightly hazy) memories.
Lemon_Soda misses the Hostess' touch. 050711
misstree aleatoric_concinnity is thick as flies lately... stories to go with the porn and all... 050712
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