sirflaccid I am tired.

This is all too much. Everything is piling up. There are things that I can't forget, or better than that, get past. It all takes too much energy.

I am burdened.

Daddy came back around. Whoo hoo, another "once every couple'a years." Why is this mountain so high? Why wasn’t I given better boots?

I am scared.

There is too much fear, fear of falling. I'm just now picking myself up, or at least have the delusion thereof. Why do I have to meet someone decent now? I DON'T WANT TO.

I am frustrated.

Why does it still haunt me? I can't run away. I don't want to run away. Too many smiles. So depressingly beautiful.
Freak you really dont understand the point of blather. 051127
sirflaccid there is no point 051127
sirflaccid there is no point 051127
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