Lizymae Billy, Maynard, Paz, Troy & Josh.

the continuation and the furtherance of many extraordinary musical ideas.

like a ring, round and never ending in any plane of existence.
die hand die heilt sleeping_beauty 000902
silentbob yesterday i bought a Timmy shirt and an A perfect circle shirt. also, i bought the Lookout_records compilation, Lookout!Freakout.
it has the donnas, mr.t experience, ann_baretta, queers, screaching weasle etc etc etc
Inanna is a canvas 011001
Inanna a perfect circle is a canvas 011001
lost they are pretty kool. 011002
sabbie the gentlest lucifer i ever saw
evolved slowly out of yellow and white and black
and he glanced off to the side
with a weary, almost unreadble expression
and between his wing-span
a perfect circle begged to be born
psychobabe one fucking awesome band. Manyard james keenan's voice is awesome and doing this band as a side project was a great idea also to help out with tool 011005
Aaron i love APC.. they rock.. kinda like a softer tool.. better for fucking anyway.. a friend once said they are a "wossie's tool" 011110
uf 00000000000000000000000000000000000000001111111111111111111111111111111111111111 020207
farmfish right on aaron, first time jamie heard 'em, she goes, "i want to fuck to this," and she was listen' to 'em in borders, head phones on. hell yeah, i bought it. and we drank a bottle of zinfandel, got a comp room at seven springs and emerged three hours later smellin' of wild sex. fuck! 020207
oren ...exists only in theory. 020208
cube A perfect circle doesn't exist? Is that because a perfect circle would require an infinite number of points to define it?
intangibilities. i told her about that theory tonight, in the parking lot outside of eckerd's. about how we sit along the lines of a circle when we talk, equilateral triangles or squares our standard.

this way, the smoke flows more readily, and i can see the sunlight hit your face as you talk.
freakizh i would give anything to be 'breña'.
i love that song.
and orestes.

heal me, heal me
silentbob did they ever come out with a new cd? 020208
no reason "The Patient" sounds more like a typical A Perfect Circle song than a Tool song. 020804
eklektic man, i really liked that song they came out with, the one that made it really big. obviously, i'm not a hardcore fan. 020804
IKC 56-80 Judith?

You're such an
for the ways
that i would
never ever choose to be
Oh so many ways
for me to show you
how your saviour
has abandoned you

Fuck your God!
(your lord, your christ)
He did this!
(took what you had and)
left you this way!
still you pray
never stray
never taste of the truth
never thought to question

it's not like you
killed someone
it's not like you drove
the spiteful spear
into his side
talk to Jesus Christ
as if he knows
the reason why
he did it all for you"

It gave me a giggle when it became something of a hit, but i was annoyed when they changed "fuck" to "thank" for the radio and video versions of the song
devalis doesn't that go without saying? a circle is perfect by definition. that's just redundant. 020816
jessicafletcher i like them. i'm more of a tool fan, but hell, they are totally different so there's no comparing that.
i didn't know they changed FUCK?!?. why the hell would they be so stupid. that fucks the whole meaning around. jeez.
i bought their cd back in 2000 when i was on vacation to d.c.. they didn't deactivate the theft deterrent tag, so when i walked out, i beeped like a thief. it happens to me a lot, but the cd's worth a little beep here and there
no reason Just for the record, (..or CD, or tape) Maynard did write all the lyrics for a perfect circle. He just came after all the music was written. 020919
me wtf are you talking about, he's one of the people that founded the fucking band you ass...

OHHHH and the new album is coming out in september
Strideo a fifty centemeter circle of perfect liberty . . .

. . . you can do anything in that perfect circle
no reason uh...message to "me" and his/her ignorance:

"Sometime Tool/Fishbone guitar tech Billy Howerdel (b. 18 May 1970, USA; guitar) is responsible for the songwriting, while Keenan adds his uniquely eccentric lyrics and Paz Lenchantin (b. 12 December 1973, Mar Del Plata, Argentina; bass/violin) her ethereal musicianship to the band's work."

check out http://www.vh1.com/artists/az/perfect_circle/bio.jhtml

or any other information site about the band, because they'll all tell you the same thing.

and yes. i'm looking forward to the new album too.
silentbob thank you for clearing that up, i was under the impression that maynard did absolutely nothing but sing the songs that were already written. 030721
no reason no prob, bob. :)

(nono. maynard allllways does something. i don't think he'd consider the project even partly his if all he did was sing the songs.)

(see, i have these insights into the way he thinks, because y'know, we're so close and all. ;) )
IKC 56-80 of course Paz Lenchantin plays with Zwan now, Manson's former bassist Twiggy Ramirez took over in that spot 030721
no reason that's true.
i'm really curious to hear how they sound.
phil Arches span cathedrals
holding aloft many candles

in rows of holes
a tree carries critters

searching for homes
the cold wind goes

catching lost snow

fluttering stained windows
butterflies flapping slow

bodies making holes

in the roof's snow

It blows the butterfly
by them going home;
after the theater is closed.
een stomme kind im lovin their new single.im gonna go see them live soon. i cant wait. 030824
unhinged association, more than easy, it plagues me.

it was the night that i realized i meant nothing to her. which i lived months and months trying to forget, living in my own misery, a constant ball of tears, crying everywhere; in my violin lessons, in little nooks i could find on campus, in the practice rooms, in my dorm room. it was the last time i ever made that realization to be torn apart into little pieces. while i was putting the pieces back together i lost the part of myself that lets people like her destroy me. so i guess there was some good to it in the end. but during, it was nothing but absolute memory. i no longer waste my time trying to get people to love me that can only care about themselves. but i'm still constantly attracted....perfect circles have many tangents.

but we had, or more like she had, decided that we were going to go over to paradise alley and get high. i was in the beginnings of the struggle with my pot addiction and i had decided that i was going to make it through this unbearable pain without the weed. i wasn't going to let myself turn into an addict goddamnit. and then we got there and it was the two of us and mark and big mike who lived there and sam. they were passing mark's nice big glass bong that he had bought out in california around the room and the first time sam handed it to me i waved it off. she whacked me in the arm with the back of her hand 'what the hell?' her eyes saying 'isn't that why we came over here?' nope...that's not why i came over here. i was waiting for you to hug me. if i had to wait all night to get a hug out of you, i would wait. it's funny how i admitted to her that i thought i had a problem with weed and her answer to my problems was getting high. giving me her pipe. that was the night i realized that she wasn't even my friend. and he said 'but i owe you; you've gotten my back so many times it's the least i could do.' 'well, i'm cool. i really don't feel like it.' 'alright dude.' and we sat there while they smoked bongs. by about the third time it made it my way, i couldn't say no anymore. i broke down and got high. and big mike got up off the decrepite recliner and put a_perfect_circle on the stereo. his band at the time was much like an a_perfect_circle/tool ripoff type band. mark muted the t.v. and started flipping through the channels trying to find something interesting to look at. we found ourselves staring at the waves breaking on the beach listening to a_perfect_circle breaking on our ears. 'do you stoners realize that you are watching the inspiration channel right now?' *shrugs* we couldn't hear the sermon; we could just see the pretty pictures on the t.v. 'yeah, that's right; jesus drives me to smoke the reefer.'
tortuous just remembering... i happen to be wearing that shirt today 030826
13th Step weak_and_powerless

celestias shadow i just bought their new cd 4 days ago. it's quite good. a little mellower than some of their other stuff, but still just so fucking amazing. i do miss Paz, though. 030928
een stomme kind i got their new cd, its more mellow, but still awesome.
i saw them live, and they fucking kicked ass. and everyone needs to see them live.
een stomme kind and jeordie is cool too. 030928
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