ever dumbening The day, from sunset to sunset, was perfect. Pain and pleasure, beauty, the darkness of mind, family, friends, doubt, folly, eccentrics. There was a fireworks show, a shared joint walking under the bay bridge, a tai chi lesson on the BART platform. A deeply important friend was in town. We talked of all things as we toured the execution of madness in wood and glass. I cooked for family--deep green, fresh spinach pasta with andouille and asparagus; too, puff pastry with strawberry-banana-cherry-chocolate filling. I drove one hundred and thirty-seven miles. I felt the discomfort of the poison that pushed beyond the labor of my liver and kidneys. As I drove towards my parents' empty house, I saw the setup for a brilliant setting--cobblestone clouds cast as lots across the sky obscuring the sun until the last quarter hour. The timing allowed me to climb the hill and be the gilding.

The world, just as it is. Alive for the first time. Today.
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