dafremen Within these eyes are tears longing to run free
They do not know the meaning of their desire
There is no sadness, for sadness requires emotion
Of this I am bereft
Within this heart perhaps is love, longing to be felt
I do not know the meaning of this emotion
There is no love, no hate, for hate requires a feeling
From which I have been kept

And though the days may have been pleasant without the pain
Still embracing it perhaps would have been better still
Better twice again
To have known the fire that burns the soul beneath the skin
A thousand times more pleasant than the coldness that I know
I am a mind, nothing more

Do not look to me for empathy, for sympathy or understanding
The answers that your soul seeks aren't forthcoming
There is no heart here
There is nothing here but empty wishes for a pain I do not know.
jolt I came to blather feeling that.
Left feeling the opposite.
what's it to you?
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