blueberries she opened her eyes and found they contained tears and she did not know if she had been crying from her dream or because she had woken from it.

i tell her this is how a goddess awakens, somewhat assisted by shadows. so tenderly she touched my face.

"if i am in your heart forever," she said, "i am in your life forever."

the self she wished for is the self she is.

"i wished for what i always wish for," she said, "and now i wish for more."
blueberries if there is sunshine knocking at my door what will i say?

come in.
go beautiful 030126
goose beautiful 030126
goose berry beautiful 030126
ferret if there really is no bright light when you die, why should there be a light at the end of the tunnel? 030127
fatalistic oncoming trains and such 030127
clemtinite How confusing. How very confusing. 030128
HellBentWolf that makes perfect sense and therefore there is no light at the end of the tunnel it goes on
and on...
and on
misstree goddesses awaken strapped to the front of moving trains. 040220
Piso Mojado a blessing in disguise 050124
emmi cry for our losses...smile for our memories 050907
z theory_of_self 050907
zeke a non-linear deconstruction. 050908
sab and thats what i'm trying to gain.

and i'm never going to find it
by repeating the old behaviour

she said
to repeat the same things
over and over
and expect different results
is madness

im trying babe, im trying
somebody which of these two
to you
seems true
the facts of your life,
or the life of those facts?

which of these two
seemeth true
unto thee:
the facts of thine life,
or Ye?
"A New" Man Turn to a_new_page. If there are no more pages, start a_new_book. 090607
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