blown cherry
I find myself craving freedom, fromwhat I'm not sure. Perhaps it's just a memory which I crave.
pete i should be outside, running around, not stuck between my bed, my computer chair, and the kettle, trying to get over a summer cold. 070623
They call me Truth why is nothing im typing being posted 070624
pSyche I find this day is once again altogether unremarkable. 070624
swears the misfortune hot and humid 070625
REAListic optimIST such sweet, excruciatingly slow progress
grinds my thoughts to a halt
awakening my spirit with a jolt
when whiplash from the airbags sets in.
Strideo I wouldn't be surprised by a sudden storm.
In fact, I'd be grateful for the rain.

Why is a cloudy day considered undesirable by the weather forecaster? I'm happy to keep the sun from my skin.

I would be surprised by a sudden blizzard of styrofoam popcorn packaging falling from the sky. It would be so fun to see it all swirling in the wind. Of course the resulting mess would be quite a hassle to clean up.
jane a_day like_today 070626
Lemon_Soda a day like today,
I question me and mine,
Where am I going?
How am I getting there?
Is this really me?
When did my dream go away?
When did reality become harsh?
unhinged i take the bus anywhere just for the air conditioning 070626
unhinged i want to crawl back under the covers 100731
h||s||g ^^ i've dropped bullshit jobs because of this. it was worth it. 100731
l o s t g i r l reminds me that life is good...

but a_dream_like_that makes me wonder how much i'm actually forgetting.
what's it to you?
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