a dash of vinegar panic spasm crudentials label long looking chilling triangular stop never excruciating throbs lawn grazing strange forever nothing

oh, oh.

pizza taking it easy
broccoli taking it hard

double not at all troubling to her anymore
cashews not money
a dash of vinegar

i'll take you somewhere
anywhere because
i'm yours now.

just yours.
yenaldlosi a pinch of emptiness
a spoonful of dark
and the tiniest sprinkle of bitter
IKC 56-80 and a big heaping helping of anxiety 021125
~gez~ a whole in an area with is full of someting, the nothing will gradually consume everything, including itself

a dash may be small, but given time it will grow into an unimaginable wound

anything will become mysterious if given time to develop

what the fuck am i on about
what's it to you?
who go