pushpins I found a beautiful place
half mourning night
half unconstrained day
in a fluke photograph
old enough to bear rounded corners
and a delicate matte finish.
An accidental sillhouette
of some barren lonely beach house
moves in from the side
weakly gliding into the
unoccupied space
curiously peering
from the other side of the lense.
Untouched stillness radiates into
the future
where I blow the dust
from its fractured skin,
and i sigh
as tiny grains of aged dust float
into a small beam of sunlight,
catching fire with a sparkle
no one would expect they possessed.
i found something beautiful
from someone elses past
and I have yet to find
something beautiful
in my own.
will-o-wisp look closer. if you can see the beauty in something external there is almost certainly some inner beauty that you're missing. 030704
thieums Lost factory
Forsaken by man
Loved by no one
Beautiful place where only the birds
Sing, the workers and the pain
Are long gone.
Lost paradise with none in sight
Sleeping in the shade below
Lost factory, beautiful place
Nobody cares to go
anythingbutcryptic for me a beautiful place is abstract

or momentary

a truly truly beautiful place i mean when your breath catches ... ?

yeah, that.
ha ha ! discover some ones ass hole then. 080519
unhinged the 15 route from the eastside to bayview
through downtown
the industrial near southside
a good long bus ride
pick an album
and see how far i get
my city
finally feels like
my city
the midwest palpable in me
where even the towns
work work work
railroad tracks
but we're still trying
taking a long bus ride
to the other side of town
to double my money at the bar
and sit with her awhile
coming home
it's the clock tower
too much like the home savings and loan
in youngstown
my landmark on the southside
we're still trying
the heart of the blue collar
they build their fortunes on
beating fiercely in me
urban ramshackle abandoned beauty
my city
that's what i see
someone should take a picture
marked my city... finally feels like... my city
unhinged (finally got a camera and started taking pictures) 081210
cords_of_banada out in the country 161013
what's it to you?
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