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U.S. Moment_of_truth WASHINGTON - The strain of fighting a counter-insurgency war in Iraq, on a scale not foreseen even a year ago and _with_no_end_in_sight___, is taking a startling toll on the American military.

The U.S. death count is rising at least 1,350 in all, rising by 70 or more each month.

Costs are escalating more than $1 billion a week, with the total now exceeding $100 billion.
182005 Militants Kidnap Three Senior Iraqi Officials

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Yahoo! Search beheaded a man who worked for the U.S. military and killed at least four others, officials said Saturday, a day after a U.S. general warned that insurgents may be planning "horrific" attacks ahead of Jan. 30 elections. 050108
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1112005 Powell admits to worries on Iraq's future

January 11, 2005
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1132005 Iraq Poll Fears Deepen as 2 Sistani Aides Killed

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dipperwell little things are blowing around
and I am smiling in the tamarind wind
pale blue taffeta hung up everywhere
and pigs rooting for truffles in the dirt.
it gives great cool breaths in my ears,
in out in out faster and stronger,
and without a doubt I know I'm flying
careening bouncily over groceries below
and upwards, on unknown vectors, twistily.
freedom, white flags announcing victory,
I blow through the laundry on the line
not an aspiration in sight but trying out,
experimenting with that hand or this leg,
and nowhere to go but sideways.
IED 's butterfly_effect... 060418
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