so fucking lost i cant do this anymore
i dont want to deal with this shit
i dont want to have to stand by the sidelines
and watch you slowly drown

two drowning souls cant rescue each other
all they can do is hold tight for the ride
as we sink further down
into the darkness

i cant help either of us
and that really, really hurts

im sorry.
i cant tell you this, but im sorry.
you dont want to hear this but im sorry
that you have to deal
that i have to deal
with this shit.

different people
different shit
but still the same pain.

i asked you if its ok
and you said ''it has to be''
and my heart broke once more.

im sorry
sorry i cant help
sorry i cant make it better
it hurts that i cant make it better

i dont know what to do
superman idea: meet with her and put the big issues aside for a bit and fuck. somehow things fall into perspective that way. sometimes when love is affirmed in real way, problems have a tendency to lose their potency. take account for humanity--not everyone is a perfect soul as humans. she/he is probably wanting you to not talk so much and do something. 020530
so fucking lost it makes me laugh to see the way people use their own experences to interpret things they find on blather. 020530
morphine. whaaaaa?

no way, man.

yes. n-no.
yes. no, dont.
what's it to you?
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