Dafremen Cold Feet by R. Dafremen

Hey there wonder why
You make me laugh
You make me cry
With your cold feet
And your silly way of making me numb

Hey there gotta know
Is there a reason
That you gotta go?
I'm all alone
And I thought we could get out of the cold...you know?

Take a short trip to anywhere
You get the coffee
I'll pay the fare
And we'll talk about
All the things we never thought we'd get out.

Then when they're closing up
When your toes are warm
You've drained your cup
And I've drained mine
Time has finally come for lonely folx to be off to bed.

We give our hugs say our goodbyes
I look into
Your lovely eyes
And I want to tell you something
But the things I say just get in the way...you know?

Hey there wonder why
As you turn to leave
I start to cry
Cuz I know I'm all alone
And I know that soon your feet will be cold.
what's it to you?
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