deb today was the longest day.
and the best. just- wow.
9am came with gentle knocking on my door-
in came you, rose in hand-
-sweetest thing anyone's ever done for me-
we talked for hours,
opened up the closets, baring skeletons
along with wisdom-
14 hours later, we sat outside,
talking casually of marraige over lemonade
without shaking hands or clammy palms-
today, my life truly began
-i'm afraid i'll wake up-

u24 but what was even more impressive, was that the date was binary for nine.
how's that, eh?
u24 (in blather_time_notation, that is) 070410
misstree that makes me really curious
just how much you notice binary things
if it took you a minute to figure it out,
and if it did, what made you do it,
or if you just happened to see it
and if so, how you got binary that embedded
u24 hangs head in shame

i noticed that the date was binary, of course.

but I used MS-calc to convert it to decimal. I could have done it in my head so easily as well. *sigh*
u24 having said that, I guess I score points on efficiency, while losing them on geek/metareprogramming 070410
u24 my username on yahoo used to be binary for 313370. ("eleeto" in leetspeak) no-one noticed. ever. 070410
mt as i don't have a handy converter decimally thing (though i did check your work, and didn't even have to use my fingers to keep track of the doubling), just what was your username in binary? 070410
u24 1001100100000011010 070410
u24 but i used Ls instead of ones, because at the time, a yahoo id couldn't start with a number. 070410
pete woke at 9, about to get up when the phone rang with an interview.. nice. 070410
u24 groovy. good truck 070410
falling_alone at this time, i will have been awake for five hours already.
these days feel like forever, fleeting in a moment, on to the next
what's it to you?
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