mpayton I turn 31 this year. June 7th.
31 just happens to be a prime number.
nocturnal I hate prime numbers. in 12 days I will be 19. yuck. now I'm 9(2). it's a decent number. I only wish I could live to be 437. that's my new favourite number. just cuz it's kinda tricky. I never realised it wasn't prime till recently. it's 19(23). but 23's one of my favourites, it's prime, but I just like it somehow. and I might live to be 76, another favourite, but I doubt I'll live to be 91. I really like 91 for some reason. why am I writing all this? I'm going to bed. no more numbers tonight. 010405
mpayton you just must realize.

the answer is 42
birdmad in the sun special favors
come in 31 flavors
i'm out of mints
so pass the lifesavers
a violent femme droppin hints, candy for candy coated tongue 010410
what's it to you?
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