dre1z3hn I checked blather last night and it told me it was broken, and that it couldn't find the page.

i panicked a little;
silly isn't it? i've heard a bit about the internet running out of space recently and i've been wondering what it would be like if there was no more blather.

when it came on again a couple of hours ago i was pleased, but when i tried to post the link just went straight to an error page.
so i started reading it properly again, and opening a multitude of tabs filled with blathes varying in age in this internet window.

this got me thinking;
i thought of all the blathes i was reading that i would have liked to comment on, but couldn't. blather stuck in a frozen, museum-like state where articles can only be read and observed, rather than interacted with.

so i read these posts; read all of them on each page i looked at, and rediscovered the feeling i had when i found this site. it was a good feeling, realising it is not always important to add your own comments. the equivalent of being a good listener in person, i guess.
it's been a while since i've seen blather in that light, and it was refreshing.

now that the text box has miraculously reappeared, i am taking my chance. i thought, in the past day, that i can appreciate blather for the relatively undiscovered and intimate place it is, yet completely (or almost completely) anonymous.
if someone finds out who you are/ you feel exposed, you can always use another moniker. i am trying out a new one now in fact.

blather is something i thought i would have in my life forever, and i hope i do.
not only because people have interesting things to say on here but because it fuels inspiration. i love that.
i also know a lot of people on here are creative; i think people with such desires gravitate here and are likely to say. this is my corner on the internet, one shared with hundreds of others. but it is uniquely different from any other sites i have seen like this. the blue has quite an enigmatic atmosphere, one where you can share thoughts and ideas in a maze of words. even the style of the page is unusual.

in short, blather is amazing.
and i am glad it isn't being removed, or being made a read-only enterprise or whatever. i've been on this site quite a few years now, and i don't want it disintegrating into the ether when there are pages and pages of trash on the internet about the colour of paris hilton's chewing gum or the best way to laugh. enough for fuck's sake.

keep it up skites, appreciate this corner we have.
dre1z3in that should read stay* not say. goddamnit. 101123
jane i emailed dallas when i saw the white_screen_of_death. he thanked me for alerting him and was very quick in assisting with the repair.

blather_gods to the rescue.

ergo Thanks Jane 101123
dre1z3hn thanks jane and thanks go out to the blather_gods.

blather is well once more.
any ideas what was wrong or what caused it?
meta meta 101123
unhinged impatient clicking on the blather button when an internet connection is a little bad or the captcha is being weird is what causes it. i think.

has caused many white screens with her impatience
apologetic bird eep

might've been my fault, then.
had a browser hiccup and tried to back out before the blathe tanked, wasn't quite fast enough to prevent it though

didn't realized i had crashed it, though.
dre1z3hn was it not a blatherwide phenomenon? i couldn't get on to blather for the night of the 22nd and until the afternoon of the 23rd.

as it is i wasn't trying to post anything on the 2nd, only find the blather homepage and the red_blather homepage too.
jio jio 101125
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