13 Nov 2004
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Risen How strange this date is in the recent blathes list.

It used to be so very important to me.

Yesterday, I was going over my Amazon account, and I found my last link to her. I severed it, barely without a thought. Later, it played on my mind when I read the email that said she'd be notified. I wondered if she'd think it was some play, some ploy, not just housekeeping,

So I put on an old hat and did some looking around, almost protective, checking that an old friend is okay... and what I found was a public post mentioning the area in which she lives.

She isn't scared of me coming back. She is free.

Admittedly there is little evidence of her poetry, and what there is is not up to her usual standards (who rhymes "year" and "tears"?) but then, that can easily be put down to commercialism.

The beautiful part? Nothing hard to find, no fear, no angst. She is free. No more monsters under the bed.

So when I saw this date on the recent blathes list, I thought I would write down how wonderful that feeling is. To know she's free and happy, and that the shadow I cast over her life for so long is gone.

She made the right choice (in so many meanings of the word/concept) and she gets her reward.

Today, that's enough
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